Need a new head on that Djembe?  Need more rope?  Need to learn  how to tune your drum with all that rope?  Is your drum seriously out of tune?

The House of Rhythm can replace your head, your rope, refinish the bearing edge of your drum, repair cracks and holes, repair iron rings, & have new rings made for you.  I have experience with djembes, dunduns and ashikos.



Detail of the 

stained wood on 

a djembe refinishing



In Process:

Djembe being re-headed

and wood stained at HoR




Picture of a Custom made Sangban bag with Nimba on pattern

The House can also make custom padded bags for your dunduns, frame drums and ashikos.




Djembe Re-Heading $85
Djembe Re-Heading, w/new rope $100 (vertical) $110 (vertical & ring rope)
Simple Crack $10
Simple Hole $20
Rim Work, Extensive Complex Cracks, Refinishing $20/hour
Drum Bags Dependent on choice of materials, drum size, $50 min

Dundun, Ashiko and glued drum prices vary by the drum size.  E-mail the HoR for details.


If you need a Frame Drum, contact the premier TUNABLE FRAME DRUM MAKER in Chicago.





BBF in the House of Rythm's Workshop at Infinity

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