BONBON'S LINKS A photographic web-site featuring music, portraits and documentary photography. Support locally owned and intelligently operated instrument shop at 2310 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL (773) 868-1234.  Mike will give you a good a deal and treat you very well.  
Also checkout Andy's Imports at 2300 W Belmont, (773) 868-1235.  Alex usually has the best Djembes & Dunduns available at a regular retail outlet. Excellent music school run by David Bloom.  The only school that can actually teach you how to solo. No matter what instrument, this place can make you play better. John Yost and Rhythm Revolution's site.  Good drum circle info. Great resource for drum set versions of all sorts of rhythms, and hand drum rhythms for hand drums. Goat skin drumheads for drum kit style drums.  The heads are very well constructed.  I play them on my Gretsch set and love the sound.  A little extra work, but worth it to some of us. Taylor's site.  Learn about classes, drums for sale and of Course, Tay's cds. Find out all about the band that takes the Northwest suburbs by storm, or more accurately by Bullwhip.  I've played with guys.   They're fun.  They freaks and proud of it. Jazzin' with the Libra Zebra.  Here you will find Love Supreme, Hope, and Peace--and the appreciation of its associated applications creatively interMingused and Monktified.  Also practical things like schedules of events, centrally focused in Chicago, and webbing to the uttermost parts of the wide, wild world. Artists' birthdays are celebrated and catalogued. Michael Marcus' site. Considered by many to be one of the best American djembe players.  He's a fine instructor based in NYC, making the occasional foray out to the Midwest. Santero Charly Barbera's site - AfroCuban music, the MOFOE site.  Links to other Cuban/Santeria sites
Michael Zerang  Percussionist, improviser and composer Michael Zerang's web site and information on the Candlestick Maker performance space.  One of the finger drums gurus here in Chicago.   Nasar Abadey's site.  My primary personal influence on drum set.
noFrictionCafé.com The Cafe in Logan Square That's home to the Tuesday Early set.  Run by Victoria, it features great smoothies and tasty sandwiches.  The art is on the wall in the air and is the table you're eating on. Percussionist Paul Spata's Afro-Caribbean Jazz  fusion ensemble. A very good resource for instructional books/videos/cassettes and percussion cds.  Drum set, hand drums and music from around the world.  Good prices,  very down to earth and excellent response time.
Presto Plate "Saving One Drum At A Time"
Custom Snare Drum Adapting Plates
And Now (Thanks to Me) Custom Bass Drum Spur Plates
New Strainer Without Drilling Any New Holes!  Lara Gonzalez - percussionist, poet, musician, photographer and web designer.  She does good work and is a wonderful human being.  Check out her site and get on her mailing list.  Special Music for Special People program web site, run by Joe Yost
Spider Trio Home Page for Bassist Dan McNaughton's Group, Where I Play Drum Set Catch up with all the happens of Chicago-based vocalist Spider Saloff.  She also happens to teach the vocal class at the Bloom School of Jazz and I've seen her work wonders with her students.  Spider brings a joy to her performances that is too rare.  Go and hear her.
Steve Maxwell Pro Percussion And Jazz Workshop Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums is Chicagoland's only Vintage and Custom Drum Shop and Museum.
trapeze the aSTral teRRa improv unit  the official trapeze web site (I play kit and a little percussion).
WerkLife the photography of John Handwerk


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