These photos were taken one night during our continuing, long running gig at Quenchers Saloon.
Quenchers is one of our favorite places to perform, great room, great vibe, great staff and great people.
Check the Performances page for the date of our next gig.
Photos courtesy of Doc Morris.


Bruce Mak

Brett Bentler &Beau Barry

Beau up close

Bbf tk on a low simmer swing with the wires

Still being subtle with the brushes

Brett digging in deep

That's Bruce Mak on Guitar, Beau Barry on Tenor Sax, Brett Bentler on Bass and BBF on drums.

Bruce's music is a wonderful amalgam of diverse and otherwise seemingly conflicting influences.  

He is deeply rooted in the blues and this forms the base of his conception.  Building on top of that, he adds the music of Thelonius Monk, Grant Green, Duke Ellington, Wes Montgomery, middle period John Coltrane, Miles Davis, country blues, gypsy swing, and Ornette Coleman.  And then there's the West African guitar music he has studied.

While it took some time to for Bruce to synthesize all these parts, he has developed a successful and evolving vision of his music.  Bruce will always be most concerned with the mood and emotional truth of each song.  To that end, he requires a very sympathetic ensemble.  One that is sensitive to taking everyone, audience included, on a journey true to that moment.  Cohesive ensemble playing, dynamics and interplay are the watchwords of Bruce's Trios and Quartets.

I have been playing with Bruce for years now.  It has been extremely gratifying to watch and listen as Bruce's playing and conception matures and gains focus.  Sometimes it amazes me with the number of musicians Bruce has gone through, that I'm still playing with him.  With the cadre of bass players currently playing with Bruce, Brett Bentler, Todd Hill & Vytis Nivinskas, getting Ce'Makitifed is a hard swinging affair.  And what can you say about Beau Barry?

And Don't Forget to Buy the trio's "59 Blues" cd!

For booking info, contact us here at the site, Bruce doesn't have e-mail!
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